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Not to start a flame, but unlike most people who " quote " the constitution, I have actually read it, and unless I missed it some where, nowhere does it say anything about the right to own silencers. Klyph3 Where in the constitution is that part so I can refresh my memory
Under the law, silencers themselves are firearms.

I guess I'm a little put off by laws that can prosecute you based on your perceived intent. No one knows my intent but myself, maybe I want to go shooting and change my oil, or change the oil of a friends car and show him my guns. The fact that we have to worry about felony jail time for such benign behavior is outrageous. Moreso when you realize there is no physical crime against any person, they're accusing you of intent to make your firearm slightly less hazardous without paying the tax for improving the safety of said firearm. It's madness.
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