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Also for the $45 transfer fee, I feel that is on the high end. FFL transfer fees can range from $10 to $50, just depends on the person or place.
Some full time gun shops charge the high end because of overhead of the business and some think that the high price will help encourage the buyer to buy from what is in stock in the store.
Smaller part time or private FFLs charge less. I pay $20 my FFL, tho last time he didn't charge me anything but I still gave him a little something to be nice back. He is a full time gunsmith that works out of his house.
Buds has an FFL Dealer search to aid you in choosing the right place at the right price. Some are established with Buds already others you would have to contact first about them getting the paperwork they need to complete the order. There are other FFL Locators out there to help you find someone with a better price. So unless you really like who it is that you go thru I recommend you find someone else you like that will like you back and charge you less.
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