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Originally Posted by Kimio View Post
I'm putting together a paper that talks about gun violence and how regulations have done nothing to help curb it over the past decade.

For whatever reason, either I'm not entering the right words into google or what have you, but I can't find solid information from a credible source that shows the statistics of how gun violence has not be affected by legislation that enforces gun control.

Can someone please help me out here?
Careful. We here all want you to do that. And we all believe that. But as an investigative model you're making the fallacy of contempt prior to investigation. (Or close enough anyway.) [This is NOT an Aristotelian fallacy]

You need to gather statistics then write to assert what the evidence suggests.

For example I can assert that if x then y. Then sort through a bunch of x, disregarding cases of x but not y as irrelevant, them present my Q number of cases where x and y as evidence to support my hypothisis.

But I suspect if you dig just a little the evidence will support you.
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