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Great advice, thanks

Thanks for the replies. After lugging the 1187 with scope the Marlin felt great. Nice not to have a scope in some ways. I looked at my Marlin which was given to me and not ever fired by me until this week while sighting in is a model 1936 serial number7xxx. From what I see it was the first run on 1936 and made 1936 to 1940. I don't want to tap it for scope. I think I will continue to look for a BLR and nice 30-30 and get the first one I like. A 2-7 scope or even a 1-4 would be great for where I hunt. I was delighted by its handling. I really have only 12 gauge experience with 3 magnums, along with some limited pistol, and 22 rifle experience to compare. I have shot my friends 30-06 and that gets old at the range fast. Any more ideas I would greatly appreciate. Thanks again.
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