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Originally Posted by Dr Big Bird PhD View Post
This statement is the single largest myth perpetuated by anti-capitalists. I find it offensive that you would even consider this idea as a plausible explanation for an private economy's function.
It might be cynical but it's not entirely wrong.

I'm a private business owner. The purpose of my businesses is to support my family. I have employees because I need them to have the business function. If I could make the money without employees I'd be better off and I'd do it in the blink of an eye. 90% of my business related stress comes from employees. I've had over 3 dozen employees in almost 6 years of business and there are ZERO I would rehire who aren't still with me.

Nope, gotta agree with BlueTrain here. Employment is a side-effect of profit, not a purpose of business.

This is not to say that capitalism isn't still better, freer, more profitable (for most, no system works for all, capitalism works for more than any other), more efficient.

Capitalism with reasonable over-sight is much better than government control of virtually any system/enterprise.
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