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Hi, new lurker catching up on some items and found one here I can actually comment on ... I know some of what I say has been mentioned before by others ...

I have the RIA XT22 and LOVE it. So much that I sold all other .22 pistols as I have no use/need for them. I found a full size pistol that performs flawlessly with most ammo I stick in it. I settled on buying the CCI AR Tactical rounds in bulk and those run perfect. Over 2500 rounds and shoots great. Out of the box it was dead on perfect. I could and can put 10 of 10 rounds in a 3" target at 60' standing freehand ... I impressed myself, do not do that often!

I went thru the whole countless nights of research and comparing between the GSG/Sig, Umarex/Colt and the RIA. Due to the cheaper price I was leaning GSG until I found the it is "unofficially" illegal in MN! MN in all its intelligence has a law pertaining to the melting points of metals used in guns and apparently the cheap pot metal used in these guns. Tho I could get away with buying one technically they should not be sold to me I guess. I also then found instances of the slides breaking or shattering. But there seems to be more positive thoughts on them than negative.

Anyway I ordered the RIA XT 22 and like the full open top slide, all steel with the bull barrel. No the slide does not lock back on the last round and that is fine with me.
You do not need to worry about dry firing this pistol as it has a firing pin stop on it to prevent it from striking the the barrel if there is no rim there for it to hit first.

It uses the same mags as the Kimber 22 so you can get those at a good price. I found that if you slide the baseplate off the mag and pull the plastic spacer off the the bottom of the spring and put it back together you can increase the capacity from 10 rounds to a 15 rounds. So in less than a minute I can convert my 10 round mags to the 15 round mags! (More stupid state restrictions).

RIA Armscor is a good company too with great customer service and from the sounds if it they take care of their customers.
It is all 1911 lower. You can get a full top end for it and convert it to 45 (or 9mm or 38 super).

That may be more than my 2 cents but it is what I can share about my favorite plinker.

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