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I have a Boberg XR9-S in the 100 serial number range. It is slightly larger than my LCP, but is more pleasant to shoot despite being 9mm vs .380.

The potential for problems with ammunition does have to do with the tightness of the crimp because each round is yanked backwards out of the magazine before being fed into the chamber. I experienced bullet/case separation twice with my reloads when I was first practicing with the Boberg, but the solution was as easy as a little tweak of the bullet seating die on my press and I haven't had that happen since.

I haven't had any problems with factory ammunition, and the Boberg site lists ammunition to avoid—and it's a short list.

This target was 50 rounds at 11 yards, standing unsupported with the XR9-S:

The design, fit & finish are superb.
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