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We were cheated

We (6 of us) have 120 leased acres (rolling oak tree woods) in central Wisconsin and planted food plots to hold the deer in this year. A week before gun season the 3 guys that bow hunt the land saw 10-12 HUGE monster bucks, most over 20 inches spread. They were hanging around my blind. Come rifle season (just ended today) we got one doe off the land (mine). We found the doe was full of corn. There hasn't been corn naturally for them in almost 2 months. This county is near the CWD counties so no baiting is allowed. In the counties that can bait only a five gallon bucket can be put down. The neighbors accross the road got all the big bucks because they were putting out HUGE corn piles and pulled all the deer over to them. We have never gone a year without taking at least 4 bucks off this land and usually one or two is a monster. The doe was the only deer taken. The lease member who handles it knows all the wardens in this area (and the baiters) and this year (or next) those neighbors will be paying up to $2100 in fines and losing their hunting privileges for 3 years. The cheaters won this year but never again!
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