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WVsig: I never said anything about carrying it in the holster cocked....the article stated that you draw your gun first then cock the hammer. As you stated, the firing pin safety keeps it from firing if should work just fine to prevent the gun from firing when the gun is gripped in your hand with your finger off the trigger.
Did you or did you not state there is no difference between a Glock or M&P and a DA/SA with a hammer cocked. I carry a Glock on occasion but I would never carry a Sig P226 hammer back. So I think that demonstrates a clear difference between the two guns and the safety mechanism involved.

Please show me a modern handgun trainer who is respected that teaches their students the method you are describing. I doubt that you will be able to find one that would advocate this in a self defense situtation. The only time I can see this as a practical option is on the range or in a ZERO stress situation. In any sort of self defense situation it would be much faster and more practical to simply learn to take the DA shot which from the beginning has been my point. If I am drawing a gun from leather to be used to defend myself I doubt I will have time to thumb back the hammer. YMMV

That's also new to me. The MPs on most bases I've talked to have their M9s with a round chambered, decocked, safety on.
It was always my understanding that when they adopted the M9 they allowed a round chamber, decocked safety on. This how my brother carried when he was in Iraq. It is how my sister in law carried as a member of the VA National Guard.
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