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Jimro, Winchester made a couple dozen solid bottom pre '64 classic receivers for the US Army Rifle Team in the 1950's for their .300 Win. Mag. long range match rifles. No magazine cut out whatsoever. Nothing's been as stiff as those. Some outfits tried to get Winchester to make them for custom smiths to use but they refused.

Some 'smiths asked Remington to make a long action single shot 40X for long cartridges, they refused, too.

This aside, no single shot action made to day's equalled the accuracy the standard Win. 70's produced; stiff or flimsy.

And all the round receivers have problems keeping good contact with epoxy bedding with heavy recoiling loads torquing the barreled action. Several folks tried 2 inch long recoil lugs but that didn't help. Only when they were sleeved in flat bottom/side aluminum did they stay in place. Benchresters started sleeving their Rem 722 and 700 short actions long ago with 22 and 24 caliber PPC cases because hot loads torqued them too much. Nowadays all the top ranked benchrest receivers are all flat bottom and sides.

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