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Your BLR was born in 1970, and has the desireable (to most BLR lovers) steel receiver, and in excellent condition easily worth $500-$550.

It also has the early, drop-out detachable magazine instead of the later detachable magazine with a large floorplate attached, used in the BLR-81.

The Bushnell Lite-Site scope is a favorite for many hunting close areas, especially in the dimmly-lit hour just before sunrise & after sunset - my Son has 3 of them, on various firearms (rifle/shotgun/modern muzzleloader).

They were a bit costly, when new back in the day; but IIRC my Son bought his last one for only a yard & a half ($150).

IMHO, raised, "see-through" scope rings/mounts are an ungainly abomibation, since I found long ago that for those times I didn't want to use the scope, I wanted the scope "off" the gun - but YMMV, certainly.

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