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Originally Posted by Jmortimer
Why do the Navy Seals, FBI, Secret Service, Air Marshals, DHS, Treasury, el al not use Glocks? Because they all chose Sigs. Just learn to live with the fact that Glock is not the answer to "What would be the best pistol to choose if you want the best possible option." Glock is a good pistol and is the best choice for many, just not the choice for the best of the best.
Seals indeed carry Sigs. Delta Force currently uses Glocks. Sigs are being phased out in the FBI, replaced by Glocks. FBI SWAT and HRT carry either well-smith'd 1911s or Glocks. The Secret Service carry Sigs, as do FAMS. I wouldn't call DHS "best of the best" of anything, so that's an odd inclusion which makes it look like you are cherry-picking examples. The U.S. Marshalls carry Glocks, as do quite a few SPECOPS and SF units of the U.S. Military.

A quick check reveals many "best of the best" agencies - both national and international - which issue Glocks. Your case fails on its merits.

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