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CZ auto in 357

I have no idea what to use as a "backup" for a big hog! But you mentioned CZ
and were thinking 40 cal. For carry, the CZ P-06 (40 cal) is a possibility. Great ergonomics, 14 - 16 round mags, well-known reliability from NATO testing (of the P-01, which is almost identical to the P-01). Also, I understand that there is now a 357 CZ semiauto, which might do the job. But, again, I've never shot a big hog, or even tried to shoot one. If you like the feel of a CZ, which many do, the 97 in 45 cal might help stop a hog. I suspect that a really good hog pistol would exceed the preferred recoil of most folks. Hard to imagine enjoying practice with the ideal hog handgun. Expensive, too. What is your primary weapon? It would help to envision more concretely the scenarios in which the primary weapon is no longer available and you need a backup? Should the focus be on changes to the primary weapon?
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