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What's Missing From My Lineup?

So, here I am, with a thought I might want another handgun. I'm posting in the semi auto forum as I generally lean towards semis (but am open to revolvers). Here's a little about my preferences/situation:
  • I like having "standard" calibers and have no real desire for some .50AE or other massive caliber.
  • My handguns are primarily for target shooting, but do of course serve in a home protection capacity.
  • I am looking for something that fills a niche not currently filled in my collection. So, for example, a 9mm SA/DA doesn't really fit any niche for me right now as I have plenty. Again, looking primarily for semis but am open to other ideas.
  • I live in IL, so concealed carry is not a consideration at all. While you may have the best of intentions, please do not make recommendations based on concealment or ease of carry; it's simply not a legal option in Illinois and doesn't appear that it will be for any time in the near future (and I've spoken with both IL state and federal congressmen about this in person).

The last time I did this exercise, someone posted the idea of a 9mm 1911. I liked the idea so much I went out and bought a 9mm STI Spartan. Knowing that everyone on TFL is anxious to suggest ideas, and seeing as how the last one worked out nicely, I thought I'd go back to you all for input. Here's what I have in handguns right now (by caliber):

- Browning Buckmark Stainless Camper

.9mm Mak
- CZ-82

9mm Parabellum
- Beretta 92fs
- Beretta PX4 Storm
- CZ-75b
- Browning Hi Power Practical
- Sig SP2022
- STI Spartan
- Walther P1
- Walther PPQ

.40 S&W
- Springfield XD Stainless
- Glock 22

.45 ACP
- Kimber Classic Custom Target

.38 Special
- S&W 67

My favorites, FWIW, are the Kimber, the 92fs, and the PPQ.

I've also owned other handguns such as a Sig P226 9mm, EAA Witness 9mm, Taurus PT-99 9mm, Llama Large Frame .45, Hi Standard H-D Military .22, Walther P4, and Ruger MKII Bull Barrel .22.

So, besides concealed carry pieces or massive hand cannons, what do you feel is a huge gaping hole in my current lineup? I may not end up buying anything, but last time did based on someone's idea sparking a thought.
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