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Buy it.
What I like...
It was my first press. Ran it as a single stage until I knew what I was doing- and it's easy to do that.

Cases pop in and out- at any stage- with ease for spot-checks as they're held in place with a unique retainer spring.

Primer system works flawlessly unless I screw up and overcharge a case or allow a grain of powder to get in the primer shuttle.

Ease of changing powder meters. Every cartridge has it's own meter, pre-set to the required charge. Change calibers- change the powder drop meter. Only ten bucks, no reason not to have one for each.

Half-indexing makes for a very smooth press, and allows you to feel the primer seating better.

What I don't like:

Absolutely nothing. Well....OK... the EZ-ject doesn't work well sometimes....
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