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The range we frequent (finally) put flags at 100 yard intervals all the way downrange.

This has served to frustrate and confuse even more, because now we KNOW what we used to only suspect- that the wind is doing something completely different at every flag (and no doubt, in between as well).

I have no doubt that shooting on an open plain or a range that's not surrounded on all sides by twenty-foot tall berms would be much simpler. Even a 5 mph wind swirling inside a punchbowl is going to be challenging.

Bottom line, it's all fun to talk about theory, but just get out and send 100 rounds as often as you can- and try to learn from the frustration.

This is where a good brake- if you don't have a spotter- is indispensable.
It's more important to spot your misses, than your hits....or it's just a waste of expensive ammo. Pay attention to the conditions when you break the trigger- make your adjustments and keep good notes.
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