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Ok.. Range Update!!!
I went to the range with 18 rounds of the new hott stuff and was very impressed with the results. They shot very accurate no difference than my less hotter target loads at 7.0gr of titgroup as well!! There was no issue with bullets leaving their seat so the crimp was sufficient, although a smidge mkre could never hurt, better safe than sorry as I always say. Now the primers were fine as well, no signs of over pressure. The one thing I did notice was the cases were firmly in the chambers and needed some "persuading" to eject the empty cases. Pressure is definitely up there to make that happen but from everything I seen, all signs point to AOK!

After that, i ran through 250-300 rounds of the lighter target ammo i made awhile back because I wasnt gonna goto the range for 18shots, haha. And the stress relief is priceless!!

Now, that being said.. Im always looking to improve so any advice is greatly appreciated... lemme know your thoughts.

Thank You.
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