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looking for safer rifle for deer

Deer hunting regulations just changed from shotgun to rifle here. My sabot shotgun scope was off so I tried an old 50-60 year old Marlin (four digit serial number) 30-30 rifle. I loved it. It had open sights and dropped a doe dead at 75 yards. Problem is it is old, not tapped for scope and don't want to change it. I looked at 3 Marlins and all had obvious production issues in my mind.. rough spots, rough action, poor black spray painted looking finish etc... I thought a lever in 30-30 would be great with a Leopold 2-7 vary2. I want to buy a great one and keep it.

My 1187 shot sabots at 1900 fps and 30-30 is about 2300 or so.
I looked at Browning, and a bunch of other companies and only Marlin, Savage, Winchester, Mossberg make 30-30. I really wanted a Browning BLR (lever) or even and X bolt in 30-30 as I really want to limit distance and power due to area hunting in. To make a long story short I want the least powerful, sufficient deer rifle to put a scope on with out worrying about hitting a barn 5 miles away. I want it light, reliable and with low recoil..

What would be the best BLR to get? 243, 308? Any ideas would be great, Thanks.
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