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Dan and PawPaw, I had been ordered by my sister to take an inch of the stock of my late Dad's 223 Handirifle so her grandkids could shoot it, so I did that this afternoon. I was walking it back to the gun rack when I saw some 223 handloads of mine just sitting there. I remembered that somebody recently brought up ejection issues with those rifles and I didn't remember if Dad's rifle just brought the case head up so you could grab it, or if it had what we might call positive ejection. And I didn't know if a fireformed case from my rifle would chamber in his rifle (I had no intention of shooting it). The fireformed case chambered easily, and I closed the action. Then I opened the action, and thank goodness my face was out of the line of ejection. The rifle shot the case a good 10 feet, where it hit a wall and fell behind a couch. Yup...ejection is positive, though it wasn't a fired case.
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