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I got into trap and skeet at an impulse--I have been shooting rifles and handguns all my life. So, I gave it a whirl...

And got hooked.

I was in the same boat as you--trying to make out what I needed to have the most fun that I could.

I found that the very best thing I got was advice from another shotgunner on how to HIT the bird.

I went from hitting absolutely nothing to breaking 5/6/7 straight. On my last outing, I actually made a 20 straight, then psyched myself out of hitting the last 5.

The gun that I use is nowhere near as important as hitting that bird.

Don't get me wrong--my dream shotgun is a Perazzi O/U with a gorgeous presentation grade Circassian walnut stock. No engraving--I like simplicity.
Something like that would be really pretty.

I like pretty.

But more importantly--what shotguns do I have?

Well, I purchased a Winchester 1300 with screw in chokes, and a synthetic stock. It's smooth, and is a clay-busting machine.

I also shoot with my OTHER's an 18.5" barrel riot gun. Was a duty gun for a bit, and I still use it an an HD piece.

But...the one I broke 20 in a row with?

An old Remington Model 11, with the barrel cut off at 19". (No, I didn't do it.) Has no choke whatsoever.
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