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This is what my buddy had to say about hunting with my daughter.

Originally Posted by graybird
I am so proud of this little girl you don't understand!!!

When the doe and fawn entered the field, I asked her which deer she wanted to shoot. Naturally, she chose the big one.

So, I had her get on the gun and look at the deer for minute. I asked her if she could see both deer and how was the picture. "It's perfect, I can see her perfect."

"Ok, let's take a couple deep breathes and just look at her for a second."

"Can you still see her and are the crosshairs where they need to be?"

"Yes, I can still see her perfect."

"Ok, I'm going to take the gun off safety and take the shot when you're ready."

A perfect textbook lung shot just behind the shoulder halfway up. I had her shoot again, but it wasn't required.

I could read the happiness and satisfaction on her face that the deer didn't suffer because of her excellent shots.

I gave her a big hug, some high fives and a couple fist bumps along with talking about the excellent exicutuion.

A HAPPY Day indeed for both of us!

Congrats again, and "Show me that pretty smile!"

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