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.308 Reloading Question/Help...

Wow - I'm getting frustrated just trying to follow all this!

So...I can sypathize with you DASH.

Now I don't want to interupt powderman's troubleshoot - Think he may be your best bet on the problem and solution.

But, If you could recap for me:

1) Factory ammo doesn't create this problem?
2) Your dummy rounds do?
3) Your reloads also do?
4) You tried RobertInIowa suggestion of resizing a case w/o a bullet?
5) You tried hounddawg idea of loosening the screws? And?
6) You tried mrawesome22 thought of screwing in the die a extra 1/4 turn?

The only problem I can relate - Was had a problem chambering my reloads once. Switched to new cases and only reloaded those cases that had been fired in that gun - For what ever reason it fixed the problem.
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