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Like I said on your other thread rebarrel it! If you want a Tikka and they don't make it, find someone who will. I'd take a M7 or 700 over the Tikka though if I was going to build it, I know the Tikka's have a reputation for shooting but if I was going to run a short action cartridge it would be on a short action not a long.

Right now there is a sweet M7 in .260 on Gunbroker and its stainless steel and synthetic. Buy it now is $750 and you have a little over two hours to decide if you want it. There are several Savage .260's as well in and a few in stainless synthetic, but I'd choose the M7 over the Savage.

Though if I really had the money I'd drop it on the Cooper Excalibur, but for $2200 I can build a lot of gun.
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