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Impressed with old Remington 511.

My Son inherited a couple of Remington bolt action .22’s from my Father’s estate a few years back. A 511 and a 514. I finally got around to cleaning them up and took the 511 to the range today. I remember shooting that 511 when I was a kid, so today brought back some good memories. I sat down at the bench as far away from the AR freaks blasting away at 50 yards, impressing no one but themselves. Looked up and realized I was at the 75 yard section, but thought what the heck, I can miss the target just as easy, 50 or 75 yards, makes no difference. Ran a couple fouling shots down the bore, then settled in for something a bit more serious. See the target. 25 shots at 75 yards using the original factory iron sights. Someone with better eye sight could really make this rifle shoot good. I’m very impressed that a 60+ year old neglected rifle can still shoot like this. I was using cheap bulk pack Federals today. Next I’m going to try some CCI Mini Mags to see if I can cut down this group size. It might just make a real good 100 yard rifle? I thought about my late Father quite a bit today. Had to stop shooting once or twice, my eyes were watering. Must have been dust in the air? Yea, that’s it, dust in the air……….
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