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MarkCo, you can win the contest if you can prove this statement
All this speculation and personal opinons and yet nobody has posted any documentation.

Because it does not exist.
You can not prove a negative by simply saying you have never found such documentation.
That you believe what you claim is not in question, that your logic is flawed should be obvious.

A Forensic scientist who has never even heard of a cocked single action revolver discharging without a finger on the trigger must be very rare. If you have come across such an incident, why not tell us about it.

Also just how often do you let people come in off the street and riffle through your records?

the original question
What I want to know is are there documented cases of people shooting someone accidentally while using a SA gun because of the short pull? I don't care if it is Leo's or civilians or military. Thank You
A huge portion of the U S Military's personel and medical records were lost during an ill advised attempt to digitalize it all back in the 70's. People have been digging for paper hard copy of these files ever since.
I was told some files I'd asked for still existed, in a freaking cave in West Virginia. Probably sitting in a box on the crate containing the Ark of the Covenant , right next to the jar containing Hitler's brain.

Britian lost almost all its pre and most post WW1 military personel files to fire bombing during WW2.
Another great housecleaning at the Ministry of Defense destroyed almost all official documents pertaining to development of the Enfield rifle. Lord Cottesloe called this a "slaughter". Records had to be reconstructed from scattered copies in the personal papers of retired officers.

The County where my mom was born lost every single record in a courthouse fire in the 1940's. Some was retrievable from microfilm, but most of the county birth records had to be reconstructed from newspaper birth announcements and/or family bible entries, replacement birth certificates required signatures of two witness not related to the subject.

To believe that all records and court documents can be found by a simple data base search is a bit naive.

You can not prove something does not exist simply because you haven't found it.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

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