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An EPIC morning.

Nobody would believe this if my brother-in-law hadn't been tagging along...

My second year hunting. I wanted two does this year. I don't really care to hunt for bucks; don't get me wrong, if I see one that's not puny, I'll take it. But since opening day on the 10th, I'd seen absolutely nothing that I could shoot at. The one's that I could shoot at weren't worth shooting. Scrawny. Saw plenty of nice ones, but they were on the wrong side of the family property line. Lady's got 160 acres of corn still standing over there on the other side of the fence, and she hates hunters. Guess where all the deer are? Digress.

My family was in for Thanksgiving, and my bro-in-law wanted to go out with me. Last day, today was the only opportunity we had left for rifle. So we post up in my spot at about 6:30. Watch the sun come up. I'm zeroed for 200 yards. PBR of 300. At 8:30, 50 yards to our 9 o'clock? Out come 7 does. Any of them were going to be a chip shot. Sweet!!

Safety off.... close bolt... vitals sighted... breath... *click*. What? The F?! Fail to Fire?! This rifle has NEVER done that. EVER. Guess I need to clean the bolt out. So now I've got seven does watching me slowly eject a round and chamber another. To my amazement, they casually carried on while I got back down on the biggest one in the group. *Boom* goes the .308. They all buck; pulled a double lung shot on big momma. She dropped 20 yards down the road. Another doe ran the same direction she did, and disappeared around the edge of a ridge about 100 yards to our 1 o'clock. The other five, did a 180 and went back to where they came out.

My bro-in-law is having a seizure at this point. I remind him to calm down. Wait. They may come back out in a bit. May see a buck come in on this doe I just dropped too. She ain't going anywhere. Just. Wait. Two hours go by. We don't see anything else, and the wind has kicked up something awful. This day is done, and a good one. I got a doe on the last day of the rifle season. We decide to walk down to where my doe is laying. The blood trail was hard to miss. But.... ???

A second blood trail? No way I shot that other doe that took off around the ridge... is there? Before we got up to walk down, we saw 4 dogs walking down the top of the ridge, and disappear into the tree line. WTH? Who's dogs? We walk down the direction of doe #2, get back there and hear those dogs halfway up the hill on an old 4 wheeler trail. We walk their direction and... hostile dogs!! No tags, they're all barking at us and bearing teeth. Two of them standing over... you guessed it. Doe #2. These dogs advance down the hill at me and my bro! *Boom*. Biggest dog down. Surely.. the other three will tuck tail and run. Nope. Still advancing. *Boom*. 2nd dog down. Now they're feeling where I'm coming from.

They had proceeded to start tearing into my deer. Tore the hair and some of the hide off of her hind quarter. Is this my deer? Yup. She's still warm. Exit wound the size of a grapefruit halfway along her back. Backstrap is split. No entry that we can see.

How in the world did I just kill two deer with one shot?!

We got the deer field dressed, deboned and in the cooler by 2 this afternoon. Deer 1 had a perfect entry, and about a 1-1/2" exit. Her lungs were toast, and the heart was missing the ever important aorta and a chamber or two. The only thing we can figure is that when they all bucked up, deer #2 standing behind somehow was in the air and quartering toward us. Found an entry wound forward and almost beneath the front leg once we saw the inside of the rib cage. Exit was in the same side backstrap?? I can't even begin to understand the mechanics of how that went down.

Three rounds. Two deer. Two wild dogs. Crazy. Crazy morning.


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