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OK, Dash...I've got the old gunsmith hat on firmly now.

First thing--don't get frustrated! The problem can be solved.

Let's do some fault isolation. First thing is identifying the exact problem.

Your post = the bolt won't close.

We need to know now exactly HOW the bolt won't close.

Please post the following:

1. Will the bolt pick up the round from the magazine?
2. Will the bolt FULLY seat the cartridge in the chamber? If not, where does it stop? At the shoulder of the case? Halfway down the case body? Where?
3. Can you close the bolt fully and smoothly on an empty chamber?
4. If so, will the cartridge fully seat--but the bolt handle will NOT turn down?
5. Important!!! When you experience the problem, does the bolt become harder and harder to move until it stops (soft stop) or if you atempt to chamber does the bolt move freely and then come to a HARD stop against an unknown object?

Please try to post answers to all of this. The problem can be identified--it just takes a bit of brainstorming.

(An idea--do you have a webcam--or a small camera where you can send a short movie/MPEG file?)
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