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The majority of her grades are high B's and A's. She is in 11th grade and already has 4 yrs of Spanish, is taking Calculus and the Sciences. She is going to get a doctorate. We have a performing arts school here that she was able to attend (part of the system) that she had to audition for and have the grades, she has been dancing since before kindergarten. She and her 2 partners won a national contest when they were 5. Out of the 3 kids, she is going to be the one that makes the most of herself.

Her boyfriend is another whiz kid. He blew away the air force entry exams and is guaranteed any job he wants (scored in the mid 90's, which is phenomenal by the way). Both really don't want kids and Jennifer is committed to becoming a Dr before she makes any lasting decisions.

There is a program here that in her senior year she will start college for free.
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