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When will people stop fighting over handgun calibers, Really people. First no one "wants to be shot.. with anything!" Second, everyone know the best thing for home defense or personal defense is not a handgun its a couple daisy chained claymores! Third comparing military shootings are not accurate unless you plan on carrying the same load. So when people who have never been to Iraq tell me (who has) that the 9mm sucks at shooting people I just ask them how many people they shot to get that data>
News flash 9mm ball kinda sucks,.. .wait another news flash ALL FMJ pistol rounds SUCK!! contrary to popular opinion the .45 with FMJ does not do any better in real shootings than the 9mm. there have been studies done on this so don't argue with me, read the research. Besides who really carries ball anyway? I mean in the military we had to ;ROE, but for Iraq the international law would have allowed us expanding but the Gov, is not going to buy differant type of ammo and than ask the guy your fighting if he has a Genava conventions card! So a few of you have admitted to being caliber snobs, and a few to being gun snobs, me I am a bullet snob. I use the best bullet I can for the given task. Yes I have a 9mm, yes I have a .45, and a .40, .357 sig, .357 mag, .44 mag, .32 acp, couple 22's and I am sure some other stuff.

SO my nightstand gun is a .45 H&K, but if something goes bump in the night I am getting my AR out. But my daily carry gun is a Sig 9mm. the only thing that they have to do is get me to my AR or my 12 Gauge. Remember what Clint Smith says " your handgun is to fight your way to the long gun that you should have not set down to begin with."
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