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Philly police currently have a "stop and frisk" directive aimed at getting illegally carried firearms off scuzzbags who shouldn't be armed. As someone who has to worry about said scuzzbags in my neighborhood I don't think that is necessarily a bad idea.

The problem is that I don't think the PPD has squared that policy with how to deal with OC activists. Do you leave OC'ers alone but go after "suspicious types" hanging out on the corner?

There is obviously a racial element at play here too. Reading accounts on PAFOA you'll frequently see something along the lines of "why are they bothering a clean cut white guy like me?" which suggests that police should simply ignore clean cut white guys with visible weapons and focus on non-whites with suspected weapons which is untenable from a policy standpoint. Indeed the whole "stop and frisk" policy has civil rights issues but one criticism since it's inception has been the policy being applied overwhelming to non-whites (not especially unusual due to demographics of high crime areas). Ignoring well dressed individuals with firearms might in practice be ok from a crime fighting perspective but is probably an ACLU suit waiting to happen.

After losing at least one high profile OC lawsuit the PPD has done some work educating officers about OC but it doesn't appear every officer got the message. There isn't really any excuse for officers who don't know the law but that said if you don't want to be "hassled", CC in Philly.
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