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I've come to my conclusion. I plan on getting a Remington 1100 this winter when the right deal and right model becomes available. I kept coming back to the 1100 all the time and Everytime another gun would come in mind the 1100 was always in the back of my mind. This gun will mainly be used for clays since I duck hunt only a few times a year. I may even get the steel shot barrel to shoot some 3" steel shells or just use 2.75" steel for waterfowl. Well thank you everybody for all your help especially Big Jim, Virginian, and a few others. I will most likely get a Sporting 12 or TUF (gander mountain 1100). But again, I REALLY appreciate everyone's help and I plan on getting a 3" or 3.5" Autoloader eventually. Just right now the 1100 is what I really want and began my research for autoloaders. It fits perfect and its what I killed my first deer with so I am familiar with it. Thank you everybody!!! Gotta love TFL forums
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