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More Great Ammo From Underwood - Questions

Hello all,

A few weeks ago, I picked up some of this stuff...

After shooting a bunch of it, I've started carrying it. I've read that it gets an average of 1000 fps from a 642, which is the fastest I've ever heard of when it comes to the .38 special. So is the ammo over doing it? I've seen some tnoutdoors9 test where a hot loaded underwood 9mm. came apart in the test media and over penetrated. Would you expect the same from this load? Would the bonded gold dot help prevent that?

As for shooting the ammo from an Airweight snub, it's got some slap to it but is very controllable and accurate. its like shooting a light .357 from a steel snub. I've always used the short barrel gold dots but thought I'd switch it up. Anyone else using this stuff?
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