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As others have pointed out... you really need to FL size the cases for those break-action rifles. I've loaded for several of them over the years, and had my best results from FL sized cases.

This of course could have the tendency to shorten case life a bit, as you're fully sizing the case each time you reload it, but for the relatively weak extraction of the H&R design (spring ejection), it helps a lot to give the case a full length size so that it won't end up being as tight in the chamber after firing.

Keep your chamber dry of any oil or solvent. That has a tendency to create a hydraulic lock on the case... keep it dry and clean.

After the rifle has been used for a time, it should begin to eject more positively. Try a couple different brands of brass to see if you can find one that ejects better than others...

But don't use the Lee Collet for this rifle... it's not going to size the case at all, and pretty much guarantee a failed ejection...

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