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First off, more info is needed. Contact your local LEO or Probation Dept. and inquire about the S/O. What was the age of his victim(s)? Is this a 23 y/o boy who was dating a 15 y/o girl who's mother found out, or an out right sexual Predator who abducted & raped adults and or children? Or was he an online predator / viewer with no "hands on" documented offense? Date of offense? Was the charge Pled Down? And, most important, what RISK LEVEL (risk of recidivism, re-offending, low, med or High), do LEO's consider this individual? Has he completed S/O treatment? Does he have MH issues (as many do), and or special Court Ordered conditions? Is he (or she), a Lifetime S/O registrant, or only 10 years? Different States have different conviction rules, laws, etc.
These are questions I would inquire about, and after conviction, should be public information. Pro-active Police Departments will "paper" a S/O... cover the neighborhood with flyers and or notify all neighbors.

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