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I was only kidding about the York River. I've been on that Peninsula many times and even caught that Hwy 31 freebie ferry. My mistake was that I should have returned by ferry boat rather that get caught up in the automobile traffic that's around Fortress Monroe. The National Park Service at Jamestown has a glass blowing foundry and I bought a bottle that I gave my sister-in-law.

I went to Yorktown because of two sieges (Revolutionary War and the Civil War) and sharpshooting stories that arose from them. I even tried to find a little known battlefield (Spencer's Ordinary which is in Freedom Park). The Virginia State War Museum and the Mariner's Museum are nearby too. The latter has the USS Monitor and the former has an 8" railroad gun outside. The Seven Days' Battle was fought there as was Seven Pines and Drewry's Bluff. If one gets tired of the Peninsula, there's Petersburg with its Siege Museum and battlefield and Richmond with all its historic sites (Chimborazo, Museum of the Confederacy, Belle Isles, Tredagar Iron Works, Marshall House, Valentine Museum, State Library).
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