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No way a responsible hunter shoots that far.

I used to shoot bow/hunt with a guy that was one of the best bow shots I've ever personally seen.

He is in his early sixties, has hunted and shot bow since his early teens and has never owned a gun in his life. I have seen him make 55-60yd shots on deer many times.

Another fella I know is in his mid forties, has also shot bow all his life, competing for several years. His practice regiment for years has been that of a full time job. If he's awake and not working at his job which was filming his hunting shows(Bighorn Outdoors), he is either practicing or teaching archery to kids. This fella is on film killing a turkey at a measured 57yds.

As good as both these guys are with a bow, they would never think of shooting at a live target past 65yds. And in order to take that long of a shot, all elements(wind,terrain, animals mood, etc.) would have to be perfect.

It's just not worth the risk involved.

Where these guys randomly practiced shooting golf ball size targets at 50-70yds., yours truly was shooting at beach ball size targets.
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