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It is certainly a fun round. I was given two cases of ammo from a friend and bought a gun to use it with. Everyone at the indoor range loves it! Slow enough that we are allowed to shoot it indoors (we are not allowed to shoot magnums indoors).

We chronoed some rounds outdoor one day. Went from 1400 fps down to 1000 fps, including some that didn't fire at all. We also had a squib. Had to push the bullet back into the brass, it was stuck between the cylinder and the forcing cone. We opened that cartridge up and found the powder was caked. Looked like it got wet at some point.

I have found that a lot of the brass splits so I don't keep any of it. I have two different brands of ammo. The foreign stuff seems perfect. The olf Hornaday stuff seems to be all over the place. Again, I bet it got wet.
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