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.22 rimfire is still unreliable compared to centerfire cartridges.

And then there's the rim that's been causing problems in autoloaders since day one.
Cheap ammo is unreliable. The design is not.
When you buy crap ammo (*cough* bulk packs *cough*), you get crap for reliability.
When you buy real .22 LR ammunition, reliability is not a worry.

And the rim? Really?
Of the common mouse gun cartridges, .25 Auto and .32 Auto have far more rim-lock issues than .22 LR. The centerfire cartridges are the ones with a 'rim that's been causing problems since day one'. But... it's pretty much never the fault of the cartridge or firearm.
As Bill DeShivs put it a few years ago:
Rimlock seems to be caused more by inept loading than [cartridge] design.
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