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We're hooked....

I'm new to the forum and in owning a handgun. I Have always owned a rifle and shotgun, but never took the leap into handguns. Until now....

2 months ago I bought my first pistol. Not knowing much about handguns, I went with what seemed to fit me best and had a good reputation, although certainly not the top of the line, it is a Ruger SR40. In fact, some of my friends looked down upon it as not being a very respected gun. But I will tell you it is very accurate! My very first shot was a bullseye at 7yds. The rest of the clip was within 4 inches. Not sure if it was me or the gun, but I will give the gun some credit.

My wife seemed very interested too, so I thought maybe it would be something we could do together. We went to the range a couple of times and let her shoot the .40 as well as renting several 9mm's. In the end, she really like the Springfield XDm. It was the compact 3.8", which wasn't extremely accurate for her, but she liked the feel. She actually did better with the .40, but didn't like the recoil. We had some time to kill so we stopped by our LGS and next thing you know she is now the proud owner of a new SA XDm 9mm with the 4.5" barrel. Can't pick it up for 3 days, but looking forward to getting it to the range! She already is looking at accessories and wants to add some color to the grip. Any ideas on where she can find pink grips?

But what I have quickly learned is that the guns are the smallest cost of ownership. We go back and forth on whether to spend $450, $600 or more on the guns, only to turn around and spend $300 on the ammo. Add in the $30 for the range fees each time, the cost of the targets, and next thing you know you've spent much more than the cost of the gun on all of the supplies needed to enjoy it!

Oh well, I know have one more thing to do with the wife, and there is also some peace in knowing she is learning how to handle and use handguns for protection (I travel a lot), while also being safe.

We're hooked.....
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