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I would like to see the munitions manufactures in this country give at least one years public notice before their discontinuance of a cartridge or major component of the same. This is a convenience they owe there loyal buying public.
They owe consumers nothing.

Remington deals with two basic situations for brass drawing, based on distributor/retailer orders:
1. Remington draws brass. Distributor buys brass. Retailer buys brass. Consumer buys brass. Remington draws more brass. The cycle repeats. Everyone is happy.

2. Remington draws brass. Distributor buys brass. Retailer buys brass, but it sits on their shelves. Consumers aren't buying it. Distributor doesn't order any more brass. Remington doesn't draw any more brass, until the distributor(s) order it.

It is the consumer/reloader that tells the component manufacturers what they want, by buying it when it's available. If no one buys it, it's clearly not worth making any more (at least not for a while).

Remington owes the consumers nothing, because the consumers have already sent their message that they don't want the product (or only want it occasionally).

As kraigwy said -
Demand drives supply; not the other way around.
"Such is the strange way that man works -- first he virtually destroys a species and then does everything in his power to restore it."

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