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Sir, once again, I was NOT referring to the testing part of the selection process, only the final decision, which, after being narrowed down to the Beretta and the Sig, came down to MONEY. I'm unsure why you continue to keep drawing a connection between my statement about politics and foreign policy playing a big role in Beretta being awarded the contract and inferring that I'm questioning the validity of the testing process?? I only stated that POLITICS played a huge role in the final decision. I never questioned the validity of the testing process, the honor & integrity of those involved and or suggested a conspiracy. After all, we are discussing a US Military M9 testing / selection process, NOT the infamous Bigfoot film shot by Roger Patterson in the 1960's.

The cost factor was the deciding factor, right? After the testing was complete, and 2 pistols remained, it came down to money. Do we agree on this point? As previously posted, (I'll re-post it), according to the Armed Forces History Museum website; "At the end of the trial period, the Beretta 92F and the SIG P226 were the only two in contention for the M9 contract. After cost analysis, the contract was awarded to Beretta. Though the P226 had a lower cost per pistol, its magazine and spare parts package price was higher than that of the Beretta."

You may feel that I have been too liberal in my use of the word ("Huge"), as you have mentioned it several times in your response. To "cut to the chase", as you suggested, my point was and is, when the trial gets down to the final stage (after the testing is complete), and the selection process comes down to COST ANALYSIS as the deciding factor between two great weapons, and there are MILLIONS & MILLIONS $$$ involved... politics and foreign policy DO indeed play a HUGE part in the outcome.

As you yourself stated in your response earlier today "I'm not saying that there were absolutely no "politics" involved because when humans are involved, it's hard to strictly exclude other issues,"(JohKSA). You are correct Sir, and even without "verifiable evidence", on this point we can agree.

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