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Range Report

Adjusted the sights on the two new Ruger Super Blackhawks and did get the job done. But noticed the rear sight was sloppy. The rear sight did not move smoothly and consistently as one would expect. Hits didn't make sense until I watched how the rear sight failed to respond to the turning of the adjustment screw. The rear blade would come up, then stay the same, then drop a bit, then resume coming up some more. I blamed my brother for being a poor shot after raising the point of impact and he hit in the same low place. That's when I examined how poorly the rear sight responded to the turning of the adjustment screw. I expected each turn of the screw to raise the hole on the paper but it didn't work that way. The 10.5 inch model needed the rear sight raised a lot. The 7.5 inch model didn't need to be raised much at all.
A grip change to a rubber Hogue is certainly in order. Don't like and have no use for the standard factory grip. I don't like my hold having no place for that pinkie to wrap around. And that hard wood & steel stings the hand after multiple shots needed to sight in. I have no doubt these are serious deer takers. And certainly you don't fire shot after shot in the field like you might at the range. I began with cheap shoot-em-up 44 Mags to get in the ballpark. Then went to Winchester hunting rounds from there. So far, nobody replied to my other post in the hunting section about a better choice of ammo.
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