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I AM a forensic scientist, so I already know what is in my files.
And yet somehow you've never run across a single action revolver that had gone off due to a worn sear.

Your argument seems to follow the same tack as the Wolf huggers who used to claim no wolf had ever attacked a human being.
Or those who claimed there was no record of a cannibal eating a missionary ( no bull someone actually tried to claim that).
That it is impossible for a cap&ball revolver to cycle like a full auto.
Or the myth that no Enfield ever ka-boomed unless when using handloads.

I found evidence that disproved all those claims, not just apocyphal stories. I had to search the records of the Canadian house of commons and British parliament for some of that evidence that had been read into the official government records.
For the full auto cap&Ball I found a journal of gunshot wounds kept by a frontier surgeon, he had witnessed the phenomena himself. I'd seen this happen before so I knew it could happen, I just had to find an official reliable source, that medical journal did the trick.

Should I chose to invest the time I'm fairly certain I can find records of Single Action AD incidents involving injury or death that are no longer sealed. (If I can dig up that surgeon's journal again there should be cases there) It will take awhile, and I don't think I'll start on it today.

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