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I own a cz in. 40, it was the 1st .40 I ever shot and I am surprised when people complain about recoil from. 40 because I find the cz to be a very nice shooter. If a guy wanted to stop a big angry hog fast, I suppose I might want something with more stopping power. If I unloaded 14 rounds of. 40 or. 45 for that matter into a hog, I would think the critter might be reconsidering his course of action, but I have been coached to believe stopping power rules the day, the reason being if you have a big heavy animal with teeth, tusks, claws or hooves coming at you fast, even if you kill it the animals momentum could carry it into you and a big dead critter can still mess you up if it hits you hard. So the more lead you can throw out with some serious punch behind it the better. S&W .50 cal revolver would work, if you can't take a chunk out of the hog with a bullet that big you can always grab the barrel and beat it to death when it gets close
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