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yes, gun show can be a crap shoot. for the most part, especially on new guns, you'll find overpriced stuff. i go just for the experience any more, not really hoping to get super deals, i just have fun looking at guns and gun stuff. but yo have to keep your eyes open. the last two gun show i did ok. the first one i found a J. Stevens Arms "Springfield" model 87A .22 rifle for $85, he went down to $75. and that turned out to be a super fun little gun. the next show, i got a 1000 rd case of wolf 7.62 x 39 for $209, they had been $189 previously, but still ok. i also got 5000 winchester small pistol primers for $119 and 100 pieces of virgin starline 45 colt brass for $22. those prices are pretty much in line with the internet and no shipping fees.
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