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Dude, really! Are you kidding??? One was an inquest, the other a settlement. NEITHER was a verdict and those records were not used in a court proceeding. Get a grip on reality.
I'd written
Its not uncommon for lawsuits involving liability when no criminal charges are brought to end up with records sealed and non disclosure statements signed as a stipulation of the settlement.
If a verdict of guilty is brought in on a charge of murder then its obviously not going to be treated the same as a case of accidental death.
If the Coroner concludes the death was an accident then there may or may not be further proceedings such as a lawsuit.

We are afterall speaking of accidents, not murders disguised as accidents, though in the first link the DA seems to believe otherwise.

And as I said, go down to your local hospital and ask for copies of any patients medical records and see how far you get.
Go ask for the autopsy report of an accident victim when you aren't next of kin.
Go ask a Forensic scientists for unfetered access to his files, on scene photos, result of balistics tests etc. If he lets you rummage through his stuff tell us what you find.

Accidents are accidents, criminal assaults are criminal assaults.
For that matter even criminal records can be sealed and not available to the public.

Your argument seems to be that every gunowner has x-ray eyes and would know for a fact whether his hammer does or does not have a hairline crack in the half cock and/or a chip of steel wedged in the full cock notch at any one time.
I have an old top break here some where that had just those conditions, its dissasembled in a bin because parts aren't available to fix it.

Its assumed that unless a gun is pointed at someone they are 100% safe from being struck by a bullet. Yet several cases in recent years have involved bullets tearing through walls , floors, or ceilings, and striking people who were nowhere in sight. Bullets can glance off tile or stone, or even thick window glass and end up in places no where near the bore line.
One fellow I knew had an AD while he had his revolver pointed at an old sofa. The bullet hit a coil spring and the now Y shaped bullet came back out the hole it went in and struck him in the face. It only bruised and cut his cheek below the eye. He never reported it, I guess I'm the only one he ever told about it, and only then because I asked where he found that Y shaped bullet.

Sears wear down , chip , or are bent, and seldom are these defects obvious or even detectable unless the handgun is stripped down completely.

If every revolver was in factory fresh condition, there'd still be the occasional AD due to outside influences. A pistol might never be pointed at a person, but bullets have a way of going their own way if not directed.

Follow all the rules and you greatly decrease the possibility of an accident, but there are unforseeable circumstances.

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