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I can look at sights for guns that are not my model at any LGS - and it does not cost $10 to do so.

I doubt that I would have ever considered buying a gun at a gun show anyway. I am just not that hard up to save whatever money that could be saved by haggling with a guy at a card table. Ditto on gun show ammo. Some of that stuff looked ancient. I know nothing of ammo shelf life - but I have got to think that newer is more than likely better (could be wrong on that one).

I am not a collector. I only buy things that I am going to use. That goes for all my hobbies. If I don't use a particular guitar on stage in a 6 month period (and it has any value at all) - it is gone. New to guns - but I will likely hold true to a similar plan for them. I research the purchase - and eliminate the junk from consideration. Willing to pay fair prices to folks who assist me in my endeavor to find the right thing.

I quit going to boat shows about 4 or 5 years ago too.
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