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Pinky fingers are a major problem when shooting a pistol. AS SFC Reed (5th ID MTU Senior Piston Instructor) said, it would be best if you amputated them.

The pistol should be gripped so that the weapon aligns with your forearm. The forearm and the barrel should form a straight line. If it is not you will be unable to shoot accurately. Bullseye shooters are trained to place the weapon in their hand and then wrap their fingers around the butt. The time required to achieve that level of consistency is not available to combat or tactical situations.

Only the first digit of your trigger finger should touch the weapon. The first digit should contact the trigger in a manner which allows you to pull the trigger without disturbing the line of the pistol. You need to establish this grip and practice gripping until it becomes natural. Careful contouring of the grip can be a benefit.

most grip issues are resolved at the time you purchase the pistol. If you purchase a pistol because it is the hot model at the time then you are probably not going to enjoy shooting and will never achieve the proficiency you seek. You need to purchase a pistol that fits you.

My Favorite grip is the TZ-75/EAA Witness. I have big palms with stubby fingers. These models, I own one of each, point naturally and fit my hand. The TZ cost $175. I routinely scored 100% on my qualifications. The guys with the High dollar pistols wondered about their choice.

They may not work for you.
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