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How is a cocked TDA auto with finger off the trigger & a firing pin safety (as they all have now) any different than the Glock or M&P trigger? Keep your finger off the trigger....a TDA auto won't fire on its own.
You are right it will not fire unless the trigger is pulled but it is still a poor technique. I likely hood of DA has gone up considerable if as you cock the gun in a self defense situation, which is the only time I personally would draw a gun, vs simply learning to fire the gun using the DA pull. If you do not want to use a DA/SA gun using the intended technique I recommend choosing a different platform.

I personally would never carry a DA/SA gun cocked in a holster would you? The firing pin safety is to prevent the gun from firing if it is dropped when in the cocked position. It is not IMHO a safety device designed to allow the gun to carried in a SA mode. YMMV
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