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My grandmother has an old S&W revolver. I believe it is.32 cal and is a nickel plated top break. Serial is 2266xx.
This info added to the pics make it a 38 S&W DA 3rd model. The gun is re-nickeled and is also an antique. Third model DAs were made 1884 - 1895 per the SCSW 3rd.

Serial number appears to place it right at the turn of the century.
Since its actually a 38 DA 3rd model, its a little earlier. For 226XXX I would say early 1890s for its DOM.

Its a S&W DA third model.
I assume you knew it was a 38 S&W, but if it was a 32 S&W with that SN range, it would be a 4th model.

I actually collect these. I really like them and they are still affordable. Here are my 38 S&W top breaks.

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